Marketing For Chiropractic & Functional Medicine

Chiropractic & Functional Medicine Marketing Services

Chiro Growth Team has a core service offering customized for chiropractic and functional medicine practices. You have full control and the ability to monitor and scale your success through our web marketing services. In other words, we help you drive quality new patient opportunities and calls to grow your practice. We work only with chiropractors and functional medicine doctors so we have a good understanding of how your practice operates and the patients you serve.  In fact, our founder is a chiropractor. We know the software you use and the ins and outs of your practice better than a generalist local marketing agency. Our full-service Internet marketing packages are designed with one goal in mind: Drive you new patient opportunities. we will not rest until we raise your bottom line and we will always be in your corner fighting for you!

Highly Professional Chiropractic Practice Website Design

Every day tens of thousands of folks are researching for chiropractic services like yours on the Internet through a multitude of channels. 

Our website development team will create an easy-to-use "central hub" that will turn your website visitors into cash paying patients. 

Your website is phase 1 as an integral part of your full service chiropractic marketing plan. Optionally, we can include rich features like live chat, online appointment scheduling and a bill payment system so your customers can pay you fast and on time.

The research has been done and the numbers don't lie. In less than 60 seconds on your web page a decision is made if the searcher is going to consider you for their chiropractic needs or go elsewhere. That is the average time a visitor will spend on your website to make a decision. 

Remember, people prefer to do business with those they like, know and trust. 

We will leverage your website to build trust factors and increase conversions. This is where Chiro Growth Marketing Team gives you a competitive edge. 

We give you all the tools you need to keep your users on site and convert them to new patients. This way you can watch your practice and volume grow and your ROI increase. Our website technologies truly generate calls, create high quality new patient opportunities and build a new patient revenue stream for your practice.

We reach a high level of performance partly due to responsive website design. Our mobile sites come with full capability to convert leads as well. Your site will be easy-to-use on any device whether it is a smart phone or tablet.

An attractive and easy response web design matters when patients are searching for your practice. 

The mobile search user makes up 50% of all Internet related activity. Smart phone users are known to be very particular on the websites they use. If your site is not mobile friendly within seconds they click away. That is a lost new patient opportunity and missed potential. So we build you a stunning mobile site that will give you an epic advantage over your competition with live chat features, calls to action, easy to navigate with contact forms on all your pages and much more.


We provide a first-class, full-service-campaign. Complete with a powerful a funnel system for automating follow ups to new patient opportunities that call or request more information. By staying at the top of your prospects mind and in touch frequently we can drive you more new patient opportunities than you know what to do with.


Chiropractic & Functional Medicine Practice Marketing Experts

At Chiro Growth Team, online marketing for chiropractic and functional medicine practices is our specialty. We have been doing it since 2012 for other doctors and marketing our own practices since 2000.   And, thankfully we still have some of those clients with us today. A strong plan based on good data for your targeted services combined with clear communication and patience has been the best recipe. We have achieved unbelievable success from our as chiropractic SEO management and chiropractic PPC (google ads) advertising campaigns. Our chiropractors have achieved ROIs well above what they pay Chiro Growth Team. If there are patients out there for your business we will attract them to you.

So what is the secret recipe for your success? Statistics have proven that higher rankings do translate into a higher call volume. For instance, less than 30% of users will choose to engage with a chiropractic practice that is found on page 2 of a major search results page. What's more interesting is that only the first few websites listed on a search query page will get the major share of business from that query. You will have a dedicated SEO manager to choose the right words that will convert leads for your business. We also focus on Bing and Yahoo as their popularity continues to grow.

To directly market your specific chiropractic or functional medicine services for your practice,  you will have your own content developer and chiropractic services marketing strategist working for you. 

We are an extension of your business always working in the background. What specials does your business run? We will always be in the loop running specials on your web pages and in your pay per click ads, this creates new interest in new opportunities to get you the most new patients.

PPC Management For Chiropractic & Functional Medicine Practices

FACT: While the majority of people researched the organic section to find good information about how to do something or for a device when people are ready to take action they are more inclined to click on a pay per click ad (googel ad). Why would this be the case? More than likely it is due to convenience for being one of the first that they see. PPC advertising can reach thousands of your ideal patients daily with conversion rates as high as 54% on average. Those are real numbers. To make a comparison television ads have less than a 1% conversion rate and do not allow the same level of measure for ROI.

A major strength of pay per click marketing campaigns is how fast and flexible they are. To give you an example we have some clients that work with long covid or longhaulers syndrome. We were able to create a campaign in less than 2 weeks and now those practices are attracting new patients with those problems. 


Chiropractic Practice Review Management

For chiropractors, we understand the importance of your online reviews. It is a crucial part of your full-service campaign. Nielsen research recently conducted a survey and found that over 77% of users make their decision about your business by reading 1 to 5 reviews. Another study by Yale was conducted on Yelp reviews. It showed that an additional star to your overall rating could add an additional 10% to your annual revenue. - wow!

As part of your full-service campaign you will have a fully managed online reputation management system that you can control yourself in-house or by us for all your locations.  By e-mail and SMS text you will get feedback from your customers about your business which will be posted publicly on the major third-party sites where customers research or business.

Another useful benefit to our online reputation management software is that it mitigates negative reviews before they go public. In most cases the customer simply wants to vent their frustration. Our proprietary system will filter the negative reviews before they go public allowing the bad review customer to vent their frustrations but not their freedom of speech publicly online!

Your chiropractic practice review expert and local chiropractic SEO expert will work together to leverage your positive reviews for your best benefit. We will monitor where you are lacking reviews and push positive reviews in that direction with our software. So when your new patient opportunity performs their due diligence about your practice, they will see a broad positive review spectrum all across the web. If a negative review should slip by, the overwhelming majority of positive comments about your practice will be enough to turn the prospect into a new customer.

One Easy Marketing Platform

Say Goodbye To Guesswork.

Another benefit of our full-service chiropractic and functional medicine marketing campaign is an easy to use platform for analytics. You will have detailed reporting when you want it without the fluff. We understand your time is valuable and you want to be helping patients, not reading reports. So we want to give you the information you need in a quick and easy to read format. You can look at your traffic, lead conversions, calls and much more based on different time and date formats. You can see visitors in real-time. You can look on a daily basis, weekly or monthly. You can also set custom ranges to see your performance over a period of many months.

The Chiro Growth Team will truly become an extension of your practice. When you get new patient opportunities you receive a notification by e-mail or by cell phone text. In most cases we are able to retain caller ID data so you will have an easy way to track your return on investment over time. Also as time goes by your dedicated Chir Growth marketing team will continue to work to lower your cost per new patient opportunity and cost per customer. Imagine if your cost per customer is decreased by 50% over the course of the year, what would that do for your bottom line?

DR ROB DEMARTINO Chiropractor, Functional Medicine Expert & Trainer

“We tripled our new patients and had record breaking months each month. I recommend Web Profit Maximizer to all my clients.”


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